Jiangsu Export Online Fair 2021 (Power & Energy Station)
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Taizhou Sungo Power Energy Technology Co.,ltd.

  • Main Products:

    solar panel solar inverter solar optimizer solar related products

  • Location:

    No.4002,building 9,photoelectric Industrial Park,sixiang Sub-District,taihzou City

  • Official Website

        Sungo power specializes in advanced battery storage products and intelligent energy management solutions for residential and commercial customers.With years of experience in both the clean energy and battery industries, the Sungo team helps families and businesses reduce their electricity costs and achieve energy independence through their own power generation, storage, and optimization.
        Sungo products have spread to more than 30 countries through our partners, benefitting thousands of customers.“GO WITH SUNSHINE” is our vision.

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Taizhou Sungo Power Energy Technology Co.,ltd.